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After an exhausting wedding day, your honeymoon can be the recovery, restful and discovery time for the newly weds.

Choosing your location has much to do with Covid Travel restrictions today. We find couples using a brief local honeymoon choice with saving their big honeymoon fund for when things are healthier.


All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages & Destination Wedding Venues

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What  All Inclusive Honeymoon Package Can Include

     When selecting an all inclusive honeymoon package you will not find the airfare included.  Yet many of the all-inclusive resorts offer these items for honeymooners and vacationers:

  • free transportation to and from the airport
  • Your hotel room or over water bungalow or a private cottage with the hotel Concierge to assist you with questions regarding things to do.

  • a complete workout gym
  • 3 meals a day on a resort site with several restaurants.
  • 3 meals a day with reservations to off-site restaurants or other affiliated resorts.
  • complete spa facility
  • 1 or two free side trips (adventures in the area)
  • free drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • use of Water Fun equipment
  • a butler and all maid service
  • discounts at onsite stores
  • special entertainment each night and dancing
  • free jitney transportation to local towns


Yes, you could bring your own wedding planner, but most of the all inclusive resorts provide a local wedding planner that will assist you

over the phone, face time or Skype prior to your arrival. 

They will inform you of:

  • marriage license rules
  • find you an officiant
  • help you decide on what part of the resort for your ceremony and your reception. 
  • help you determine your menus
  • order the flowers you choose
  • organize your room, your guests rooms and a honeymoon suite
  • organize your rehearsal and your rehearsal dinner
  • organize the reception area 
  • provide a choice of fun things to do for you and your guests
  • provide decorations of your choice

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List Of Unique Destinations  Wedding & Honeymoon Sites With

Some Offering All Inclusive Packages

United Kingdom

USA  National Parks

The Caribbean Islands:









Mexico:  Please check area for safety before booking

New Zealand:



Worldwide Resorts With All Inclusive honeymoons

and Destination Weddings:

United States: Romantic Travel

Deciding where to go on your honeymoon ???  We combine a portal of travel articles with top travel services, travel APPS and honeymoon links with inspiring and romantic destination wedding locations throughout the world. Many of the Caribbean, Tahiti and Hawaii Resorts we have visited and written about would be a dream vacation for anyone. We have been constantly delighted by the hotels and resorts in the USA along with Europe and the Caribbean beach resort hotels.   

ARTICLES BELOW      How To Plan A Honeymoon Q & A is found in the FIRST article on the right column below.  " Honeymoon Travel Is A Bit Different "

                                                                         Access Top Travel Guide Books From This Link and  Enjoy Shopping For All Your TRAVEL NEEDS.

You will find the articles and this website are infused with ideas, travel tips, current top 10 travel favorites, and what tourists find fun to do while visiting an area. We recommend Resort Companies, review regional travel concerns and focus on "can't miss Travel Services" for every budget.  The Videos and links you find in the Articles are filled with high-quality services, travel agents, some travel contest areas and photos to stir your desires to travel.  Great assist for easy wedding planning! Check back weekly for new updates on all things for romantic travel ... There's much more to come!  We Recommend Use of our Travel Apps and...  Access The Following Web Resources For Better Travel Experiences:


Adobe PhotoShop       Fun method to organize photos            

App In The Air        Current Info on Boarding, Flite Changes, Gates & Landing Times

City Mapper            Choose your city & map it.

Currency Converter      Where ever you travel, find the correct currency conversation

Duolingo                 Learn a language quickly & for free

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PairIT                       Find the right wine to go with your food

Get Flushed             Find the best and worst toilets near you

SKYPE For Iphone   Staying in touch - face to face

TRIPIT                       Organizer for your travel plans

WIFI Finder              Traveling or at home, this App locks in the WIFI spots

YELP                         Refer to your smartphone to find local reviews on businesses

PREY                        phone & device finder/theft protection -free

Survival Guide       Quick app reference to emergency concerns

Farmers Almanac       Long Range Weather Information

WEATHER PRO         Provides local weather information         Choosing the best wine APP

XE Converting APP     Converting your currency APP 

KAYAK Travel App   Convenient their travel app is in finding the type of hotel and the restaurant in the neighborhoods.              Online Magazines just made their magazine Android App 

  Viber App               Halts roaming charges on smartphones.using the local Wi-Fi.

SKYSCANNER  App     Makes Flying anywhere gain the best price on your airfare, with booking by way of your credit card.

TRACK BRAVO         Somehow we all lose things, whether on a trip to the grocery store or on vacation

 lifesaver  App     Unique App assists with blocking a cell phone w/driving - arrived safely message to parent or friend. 



by Judith Rivers-Moore

Romance, Popping The Question & Escaping The Children, or Holding Your Marriage Together, Pre-Baby, Anniversary... 

Are ALL Good Reasons For A Romantic Getaway !!

Anyone of the brief articles on, will bring a new awareness to the JOY of ROMANCE in a new setting.  Yet there are a few tips regarding planning a romantic trip. And here they are:

Both parties should know where they are going ... to pack accordingly. Or have someone pack for them, or plan to purchase all items there.

Notify, concerned persons of your destination contact info.

Make certain your flight, train ride, or drive is not longer than the vacation itself.

Plan the romance ahead of time - order things for the room, bring a gift to remember your trip, do at least one thing that you know - makes the other happy. Plan your calendar (if you can) around full moons. Moonlight is very romantic. 

Learn Here Where The TOP TEN Romantic Getaways Are ...

Cruises Are Fun

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Last Minute Cruises from various companies...  often offer 35% to 82% off on Vacations To Go.  Look for SPECIALS  & Repositioning cruises on their websites to save money:

Choose Your Crowd - This makes a big difference in your  cruising enjoyment.

Cunard - Holland America - Older Passengers - 50-95

Carnival - Many Young Adults - 18 to 45 with many singles.

Disney - Families & Seniors with Grandchildren - 2 to 85, Many young adults.

Celebrity - Royal Caribbean - Regent - 25 to 85 - families, good children's programs

Norwegian - Some very awesome new ships for all ages.

Oceania Cruises - High end owned by Norweigan, and worldwide travel options - older adults

Princess Cruise Line - family oriented - 25 to 85

Seaborne Cruise Line - high end of Carnival  30 plus 

Paul Gauguin Cruises - for the adventurer of all ages

We adore the educational trips from Semester At Sea by the University of Virginia -  with either - 2 weeks to round the world travel for college students & adults.

Viking River Cruises - are senior-oriented - a great option for those who get seasick on large cruises.  Small passenger list.

Viking Ocean Cruises - senior-oriented, no gambling, free land tours and older citizens from around the world. 

Wikipedia has a great list of cruise lines, including river cruise

Allure is the largest cruise ship - the onboard shopping mall is amazing. You may also want to sign up for our 

Most Romantic Travel Blog that helps with articles, discounts, and current travel ideas.

Vegas Baby

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Las Vegas is the number one favorite wedding destination in the nation. They cater to the same day weddings, (elopements) and the destination wedding groups. There are so many unique settings, romantic spa type bedrooms, quick places for nuptials and large ballrooms. You will also find great food and expert reception services.

The City Was Created to WOW, Las Vegas is both a playground with all types of entertainment, gambling and unique experiences for those who want it all in one spot. We traveled there many times throughout the years, but the last time was on an anniversary. Bob asked me what I would like to do and I quickly said breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris and a romantic Italian dinner in Venice. Our entertainment was at Circus Circus and many other great theaters along the avenue.....  Yes, that was an easy walk in Las Vegas.

Couples enjoy the unique instant wedding and drive-through weddings in Vegas. You will find various THEMES that include the Elvis look-a-likes and tons of entertainers who are awe inspiring. CLI Vacation Packages begins at a surprising $49. with great ideas and can grow to include a number of fun choices for the area. We enjoyed the excellent dining and shows available. Walking the avenues on a warm evening is dazzling. Enjoy your time. Wedding, honeymoon or fun trip, Las Vegas is a great getaway. Weddings in Vegas can be as casual or as formal as you choose. They also offer you an international airport.

Las Vegas Half Price Deals on Shows, Dining & Attractions!

Napa Valley & Sonoma Wine Country

by Judith Rivers-Moore

These two California Counties are also the second favorite destination wedding area in the USA. Living here, I can agree. It is lovely with exciting professional wedding services and amazing wine country venues in both countries.  Millions come for award winning wine tasting, wine and culinary education, awesome restaurants and some of the best spas in the world. 

Many of the wedding venues come with vineyard views. Elopements work well because California has a same day wedding license. Honeymoons are relaxing and fun with all the interesting things to do, including visits to castles, wine caves and staying in a safari hut amongst the giraffes at Safari West.

Viansa Winery and Trentadue are the most Italian in their appearance. The photo is of the entrance to Viansa. offers links to every wine country venue we can find for the many wine regions. You will find additional links to tours, wine tasting trails, lodging, restaurants and fun ideas for your wedding, honeymoon or romantic trip.


by Judith Rivers-Moore

Hawaii Beaches are an amazing experience. The beautiful waterfalls, elegant gardens, chapels and beach parks, and beach resorts and hotels in Maui, Honolulu, Oahu and the Big Island become a very romantic experience for wedding or honeymoons!

Your guest reception can be held at the beach side restaurants, or in one of their several ballrooms. Beach weddings are also possible. Waikiki offers a southwest sunset view.

Situated on Waikiki in Honolulu, you have access to the honeymoon haven of excitement along the favorite shore of Oahu. We found the concierge is excellent here and the wedding planner assists with an amazing list of expert wedding professionals.

While you are here, find a way to travel the beauty of the island with a guided tour. There is excellent hiking with awesome views. Small ship cruises, dinners on the water and we love the snorkeling. There is an island bus than runs daily around the island also.

Disneyland & Disney World

by Judith Rivers-Moore

No surprise, Disney's beautiful theme parks are number three in the favorite wedding destinations.  Disneyworld in Florida had an inspiring marketing class for non-profits in the 90's and we toured the parks and Orlando for several days in amazement, taking home a valued marketing lesson on how to turn lemons into lemonade as a focus in our communities. Epcot is an inspiring legacy of Mr. Walt Disney... bringing together a world of youth and lands where cultures could meet and resolve to work together. We have found his gifts give memories and joys to millions each year.

Traveling to Florida works well through a responsible travel company that will explain the MANY wonderful experiences in the Orlando region. From the unique history, delightful animals, and not-to-be-missed sightseeing and endless beautiful beaches, you will find it a playground for all ages. Bring your sun block. Enjoy!

Lake Tahoe Is A Must See & Do

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Living in northern California, Lake Tahoe has long been "my Mecca". Returning summer, winter for ski slopes and sometimes in the fall for the golden Aspen tree rustling and crisp autumn air. It has been a yearly adventure with friends or family. A favorite place to ...


This beautiful area is considered one of California's top ten favorite wedding destinations. Four hours from San Francisco and the Bay Area, and two hours from Sacramento. Brides find all their wedding services and some of the most beautiful backdrops for their wedding and/or honeymoon.

The Lake is Bordered by the El Dorado and Placer counties in California and the state of Nevada. There are many great wedding and honeymoon venues and expert reception services to help you shape up a wedding, honeymoon or visits in the Sierra Mountains. The web portal also offers lodging, restaurants, tours, state, and community parks, hiking, ski and biking trail links.

Lake Tahoe is divided by the states of California and Nevada. Gambling and night life in Nevada and awe inspiring views from resorts and campgrounds within California. There are several downhill ski areas, vacation rentals and condos plus exceptional restaurants, major golf courses and resorts for conferences.

Camping along the Fallen Leaf Lake and various state parks were the beginning of my rapture. Later cross-country skiing and my children's downhill ski adventures became the call. Now we go up with friends and sometimes meet our children there. The hiking trails, beautiful sand beaches, fresh air, glorious sunsets and days filled with the sunshine enhance our visits.

Niagara Falls in Canada or the USA

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Couples have been enjoying weddings, honeymoons and vacations at the beautiful Niagara Falls in New York State or Ontario, Canada for many years.

You will find major hotels, resorts, wedding chapels and an inspiring wedding and events industry that assist couples with the details.

No matter the size of the wedding, wedding party or the delight of assisting with an elopement, there are a variety of ministers and planners available. Considered one of the most amazing sights in North America, Niagara Falls draws visitors year round. New York State provides a 24 hour wait period for marriage licenses.

We found simple food restaurants to gourmet with views on both sides of the border. The falls have amazing tours and offer a great deal of history and take-away knowledge. We also found some enjoyable camp grounds nearby. Everyone we have spoken with regard this area one of their fondest memories.  

Please review our favorites in New York State

Travel Tips For 3-Day-Weekends

by Judith Rivers-Moore

So often we just want to take off for a fun 3-day trip. This type of trip really depends on your goals. Often these 3-day trips are to visit family or a friend. Assess what you will need on hand to visit. Casual or work clothes, warmth, time to fly or drive there and understand you will likely come home more tired than when you left.

Many of us set the goals to hear great music, concerts and explore museums or living history centers or attend a special event surrounding our hobby. You will come back with a feeling of being tired but rewarded in many ways.

If you want to rest and relaxation, avoid airports. The crush is frazzling, Drive or take transport, train or bus and/or choose a nearby lake or beach or poolside... for that calming effect.

When you want excitement, entertainment, and good food then try a dynamic city like Las Vegas, New York City, Hollywood, Chicago, Miami or a short cruise from a nearby harbor.

If it is for the family and children, consider a play and entertainment parks like Hershey, Disney, Dolly or Six Flags. Choose a nearby hotel that caterers to children and enjoy being a kid along with your kids.

TIPs on Packing The Bag: From your daily medicine to tickets, a change of clothing and variety of warmth and shoes, your bag can get filled quickly. Your cell phone, ID and camera are a key-factor, along with telling someone you are going away for a specific length of time is very important. We do offer on the home page of this reports, safe city reports and links to travel apps are found in the guidance bar. Happy Traveling !!

Top Destinations!

by Judith Rivers-Moore

We are in touch with a variety of hotels, resorts and inspiring cruise companies each day. What we are seeing is huge discounts on travel - encouraging you to book your spring trips, summer vacations, and global excursions.

Thought you might appreciate some of our newly found savings through these various companies. We do not receive a commission from most of these companies, but the values were so great, we wanted to include them in our research. There are regions of the world that fit your life style perfectly, or something uniquely different. See cruises below the Hotels & Resorts.

Europe Is Very Romantic

Ahhh Paris -

The Romance!

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Even when you do not speak the French, you will find Paris, France is a remarkable city to explore. If you plan a destination wedding here, I suggest you gain a destination wedding planner that offers you a list of vendors to assist in the planning.

Food, transportation, tours and of course, museum tickets can add up. But you will find romance at every turn. They really close up the city in August (their hottest month), but the enjoyment can be found from sunrise and throughout the evenings. There are many great guide books available. Don't forget you need two days at the Louvre to do it any justice. Aim for a hotel center city and stay several floors up (with an elevator) to gain a great view.


Venice For Destination Weddings

 and Romantic Honeymoons

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Did you know you can be married at the Vatican in Rome?

When someone mentions Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is romance, great food, history and beautiful sightseeing. Why not have your honeymoon in Italy? Why not have your destination wedding in Italy? There are wedding coordinators and tour guides to make it easy to plan and add significant information to your romantic stay.

We found the Melina Hotels International were consistently great stays and found in 35 countries.

July and August are very hot and most cities are packed with tourists. We loved September in Venice because there is a Venice film festival and the exciting gondola race event along the Grand Canal. Favorite romantic cities are Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples with beautiful resorts along the villages along the Coastline. Any type of trip to Italy business or pleasure is bound to be a memorable experience. If this is your dream adventure, you will find your trip will be filled wonderful food and wine, inspiring art history, many historical sites, quaint villages, museums and you'll meet warm and delightful people. It is all part of the experience in Italy, where you can find it all.

Cruise ships from various companies head to many of the enjoyable ports in Italy. Many ports are a brief train ride to the larger cities and you will find consistently find great food, easy tour booking from the ships and a fun moving bedroom with evening entertainment.

Yosemite & The National PARKS

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Celebrating their 100th year birthday in 2016, the USA national parks are exciting, historic and the beauty is at every turn of the road. Lodging with cabins, hotels, and campgrounds are part of the enjoyment.

Having seen most of the USA, parks, campgrounds and unique settings in the nation, couples and vacationers will find Each offers a unique experience. To write about each one would be a huge effort, but this web link will show you the inspiration to see for yourself! People come worldwide to experience our concept of preserving parks for our future generations.

Honeymoon Travel Is A Bit DIFFERENT

by, Judith Rivers-Moore

I find couples can have a very big argument on what they want to do for their honeymoon. We especially see disputes when:

One of you travels a great deal in your normal life's work and you just want to stay in one spot one of you has never left the city where you live to travel for the first time.

  • One of you loves the sun and the other hates it.
  • One loves extreme sports and the other loves reading a good book.

If it is any comfort, a good travel agent can assist in helping you discover a trip that moves you into the best of romantic travel. When they work with a client they are trained to hear your concerns and especially your desires.

Planning your honeymoon, you may want to take a good look at who you both are, what you are dealing with daily, and what your long dreamed of desires for travel hold for you. If you lead a very hectic and demanding life you may require more REST. If you have never traveled beyond your city, you might require a little more safety assurance and knowledge of the region you select.

It is always best to check out the safety of the region - the more remote, the more concerns. Every honeymoon needs some real rest time too. You have been pulling a double load with planning a wedding celebration and your normal work life.


When you reach a stalemate on where your honeymoon should be, consider this:

Both of you write down on a piece of paper your idea of the perfect honeymoon. Where, how long, things to do. Take four other pieces that look exactly alike and FOLD them all the same way. Put them in a hat or jar and decide one romantic evening after dinner... to draw the deciding piece of paper. The agreement is to take the other person's trip within the next five years on your anniversary. 

This way - Both Of You WIN. 

Another Fun TIP ...

Wrap & Pack a unique gift for your love to offer during the honeymoon.  

Tuck away a specific amount of money to bring home a small memento of your trip.

Take a lot of photos and get them printed when you get home to make up a special book of "Our Honeymoon".

Another great article on adding romance to a honeymoon

by Huffington Post

Saving Money As You Travel

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Many people today seek methods to save funds as they travel. Years ago we used to utilize the state and national campgrounds with tent camping, and hike or bicycle with our (personal power) to various places. This is still a very popular method to travel. One of the greatest investments, before you travel, will save money. Purchase a current guide for a region you're planning to explore. This gives you a "richer travel experience" and the costs are often outlined in the text. We have also linked popular resorts and companies in the Resort & Travel page found on the left side of this website. Check their sites for specials and for their APP for your Smart Phone and IPads. Many include maps. compares pricing on hotel rooms

Additional Tips:

Set up your cell phone for travel with our APP recommendations. If staying a great length of time, purchase a local cell phone.

•Learn the tipping or non-tipping rates before you go to a country.

•Hotels give the best rates to those who use their local phone number.

•Best time to make a hotel reservation for the same night is after 6: pm. The hotel has cancellations and non-booked rooms to offer at lower rates.

•Check with the hotel to see if they have a free airport pick-up and delivery service for their guests (transfers). Saves on transportation.

•If you forgot or lost your cell phone recharging cord, ask the hotels lost and found if they have a spare.

•Youth and Senior hostels will save you on lodging.

•Visiting a major city and renting a car can be more expensive than local taxis. Downtown garages and overnight parking is pricey.

We have seen a change in planning travel. The mode of operations with people indicates they seek discounts and specials and use the web. While vacations may be planned this way, we do suggest for your honeymoon or destination wedding you work with a good travel agent or a destination wedding planner that is bonded and has knowledge of the most romantic places.

Our portal provides SERVICES that have been in business five or more years to work with. 

Washington DC

The United States Capital For

Weddings or Honeymoons?

by Judith Rivers-Moore

While you and I might think of Washington DC as the capital of our nation and there being tons of school children visiting through every inch of it, it is also a favorite wedding and honeymoon destination, and offer a huge events industry to support your desires. Many couples enjoy the beautiful venues, backdrops and some of the finest wedding and event services in the world. With Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake Bay being nearby, and the Virginia & Maryland wine country trails, this can be a very memorable experience.  This web portal offers a multitude of help for weddings, elopements, and vacations you enjoy working with.

Same Day, Wedd Moons, Elopement and Honeymoon Favorites

Even with the same day wedding a bride can grab a white dress from her wardrobe or borrow a pretty dress to be married in. Jump in a car or board an airplane and head to a state or region with a 24-hour access to your marriage license. Important to do this on an early Monday through Friday morning (AM) because most license bureaus are not open on Saturday and Sunday.

Understand different countries and USA states have different marriage rules. Always check out their laws before heading there. They are governed by many independent governments with different customs and rules.

There are many great elopement and same day wedding services in each area we will mention.  They pull your romantic and exciting package together - giving a calm to a somewhat daring action.

From the romantic hotel, wedding officiant, chapel or setting, and sometimes a coordinator that completes the details with one phone call. You may find services for wedding rings to bridal bouquets and a cake and/or a toast with champagne. It all exists. Consider choosing a wedding location that is also romantic for your honeymoon.

If planning a cruise immediately after your ceremony - make certain the port city is one where your wedding can be completed in 24 hours or same day.

This website is helpful on legal marriage licenses:

Destination Wedding Ideas

by Judith Rivers-Moore

California - San Diego, Santa Barbara, Cambria, Santa Cruz, Sierra Foothills, Sonoma & Napa Wine Country, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, Mendocino Coast and Shasta.

Colorado - Rocky Mountain Resorts

Hawaii - Maui, Big Island of Hawaii and all islands

Nevada - Las Vegas and Reno

New York - Niagara Falls, New York City, Long Island

Pennsylvania - Pocono Mountain Areas

South Carolina - Charleston, Myrtle Beach

Tennessee - Gatlinburg in the Great Smokey Mountains

Texas - Galveston, Dallas, Houston and romantic San Antonio

Washington DC

California Beaches

by Judith Rivers-Moore

No doubt about it....the lure of the western sunsets, warm sandy beaches, amazing beach hotels bring many to the Southern California beach areas for weddings & honeymoons.

As a teen, I spent many days at Huntington, Newport, Laguna, Santa Barbara and Costa Mesa beaches.....drawing out some of the best tans known to man or woman. BUT the South Coast Region has so much to offer. The sports, theater, glamor and movie industry, Disneyland, art filled and amazing museums, beautiful parks, and gardens, plus never to forget, the luxury boutique hotels and unique resorts, restaurants and golf courses. Found throughout the regions of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego. We especially loved the waters off of Catalina Island for snorkeling. 

Planning a beach wedding or honeymoon is easy from our links on for the above-mentioned counties. Just type in Diego or or or ......and you will find hundreds of links for planning in each of the regions. You might consider... some listed on the following website.

The Best Places To Snorkel & Dive 

by Judith Rivers-Moore

One of my favorite things to do - is snorkel. I know it doesn't sound very lady-like and you look awful from the red grip of the mask, but it is a beautiful world to enter. Thought you might to know some of the favorites:

Many of the locals have certified dive equipment stations and lessons at many of the top resorts along with masks and snorkel lending.

  • Belize on the Easter Coast
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Hawaii
  • Fiji Islands & Tahiti Islands (Pacific Islands)
  • Cozumel and Cancun with Cabo San Lucas
  • Great Barrier Reef of Australia
  • Indonesia Islands
  • Guam
  • With Wet Suites, try Monterey, San Diego and Catalina Island in California

Use the Global Search To Find hundreds of hotels and resorts for these regions in the WeddingLinks portal.

The Caribbean Islands

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Considered one of the top ten destinations for weddings, honeymoons, and vacations, the Caribbean holds the attention of millions of visitors a year from various parts of the world. So tell you something you don't already know.

Those tiny dots on the map may look like ants as you come in by plane to land and a mere speck on the horizon when you arrive on a cruise ship. None the less, each Caribbean Island holds a multitude of experiences, different governments and unique things to experience.

After my fourth trip of discovery, it becomes important to tell others of the scope you will find, both onshore and off-shore under the waves. No matter how often we return, the people make our time significant to them and always ask "Will your return?"

Dominica, Puerto Rico, Hati and the Dominican Republic offer you the depths of the rainforest and the hiking of mountains once active as volcanoes. Along with St. Lucia sporting peaks above and below with white sands lying beside awesome resorts, the waves seem endless. Some of the finest scuba diving is found in Dominica and other islands of the West Indies. Dominica has a beautiful underwater preserve for whales and sea life. Protection and environment are part of every islander's conversation.

Aruba is the nightclubbing hot spot of the Caribbean and Jamaica is a notch or two behind or ahead - depending on your viewpoint. The steel drums beat a welcome and some very exclusive tax-free shopping lurks in stores throughout the islands, testing your skill on buyer's grief when you see your credit card upon returning home. The resorts come in a variety of ways. all inclusive can mean all alcohol, sodas, food, and shoreline water sports. While other resorts work together from one side of an island to the other so their guests may dine or play in a different area. The old historic plantation house is relaxing, enjoyable and catches the trade winds.

Some of the unique species of butterflies, sea turtles, birds and humans live in the spice islands with a more defined and refined culture as you move the Dutch West Indies toward Venezuela. You will find many beautiful resorts and Caribbean Island fun in this web portal.  Tell us what your favorite island is and why you want to return.

Beautiful Belize

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Where the tropical jungle meets the beautiful waters of excellent reef diving. Resorts are a plentiful and unique vacation and honeymoon experiences await you.

Nature and water sports lovers hold this country as one of their favorite sunny spots in the world. You will find some very remote villages, small cities, and no sky scrapers. The winter months are warm and the summers are hot, hot, hot. They are a region of possible August through October tropical storms, so plan your trip accordingly.

The reefs off of Belize are well known for their diving beauty. Part of the western Caribbean shoreline reefs, you are met by professional scuba training at many of the resorts and ease in which to find the air tank rentals for diving. Fun scuba diving too.

You can take trips into the mountain and jungle areas to meet the unique wildlife and see insects you never dreamed of. Colorful birds, remote calls from the wild penetrate your resort compound. There are some all-inclusive beach hotels and the people are very friendly and show great appreciation for your visiting Belize. Find some resorts & hotels, and ideas for destination weddings

Cancun & Mayan Riviera

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Who can resist endless miles of white sandy beaches, palm trees and delightful people who smile and greet you warmly in the hotels and stores. It all comes together in Cancun with the added plus of tourism safety, history, and exploration on land, or on the sea.

There are best times to book a honeymoon or getaway. November through March is cooler (still 80 degrees) and there are fewer tropical storms… or storms of students visiting. If you want ocean waves to remember the broad strip of hotels are set on the surf side and bay side of Cancun. Always ask about the surf side. 

There are picturesque and delightfully smaller boutique hotels and vacation rentals just south of Cancun.We booked a western facing hotel so we could enjoy the magnificent sunsets. The Barcelo Riviera Maya in Cancun is an exceptional all-inclusive resort. Many hotels offer amazing structures with access to nightclubs, all-inclusive resorts and excellent dining options and remarkable surf, diving and water-sports activities.

The hotel concierge advised us on several day-trips, and we traveled to Mayan ruins and the island of Cozumel with several dives and snorkeling trips. One of the most interesting sites to see and to stay at is the Hacienda Kaan Ac, a castle, chapel, and grounds. They do weddings and events for up to 1500 guests. The amazing spots where a few can stay in the villas. Check our Links In Mexico for a variety of Mexico wedding venues and find out the laws governing wedding licenses.


Tahiti Islands

The St. Regis Resort In Bora Bora

by Judith Rivers-Moore & Bob Moore

This has to be one of the most heavenly spots on earth. A five-star luxury resort with meaningful experiences for any couple of any age to enjoy. Travel Articles.

Complete with a private deck and steps into the water. The food is fantastic, fresh and flavorful, plus you can take a launch to the mainland at any time and enjoy restaurants and shopping there. Many of the activities are free and we loved the beautifully kept tropical fish lagoon to swim or snorkel in. We offer many links to the Pacific Islands and trust you will explore them.

We were there in early October when the weather was mild and warm. We understand the summer heat is noticeably hot.  The venue is available for weddings. The French laws they are governed by requiring you contact them through their website so their event planner may complete all your paperwork ahead of time. There were honeymooners, a small business conference and they were getting ready for an Arabian prince to arrive. We were greeted by the staff and felt like kings and queens while there.

Learn More About the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora.

San Antonio, Texas River Walk

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Travelers and Honeymooners alike love the beautiful San Antonio River Walk area of town.  Well-known for its variety of restaurants, peaceful settings, and delightful hotels, the area introduces you to the central hill and wine country in a beautiful part of Southern Texas.

Yes, I said wine country in Texas. There are many pockets of wineries in the northern Dallas and Southern Houston areas. This is the seventh most populated city in the USA and we see why. 

Visitors enjoy the Alamo Mission history, the aquarium, San Antonio zoo, splash playground, The Botanical Park, Japanese Tea Garden and Breckenridge Park speak to the youth of us all. The largest number of roller coasters that defy your zeal is found in this region. The Art, Historical Missions, golf courses and lovely communities are part of the enjoyment in this busy part of Texas. 

Corpus Christie and Fredricksburg are not far from the city, making them fun additions to your trip.  

Marriage Laws in Texas:

Hiking & Biking Trails

In North America

by Judith Rivers-Moore

The United States has been, and is a hikers and bike trail paradise.

State by State outdoor lovers have banded together, nationwide to demand, complete, and maintain great hiking and biking trails. You will find the following resource links a big assist in your planning.

Whether a Day Trip or a Week Long Journey

We encourage people to "never go alone and to always leave details of your hike or bike trail with someone. National Park's request you register for the trails you are setting out on, and the time you expect to be back. Following the regulations will save concerns and worries.

We have found beautiful trails in Sedona Arizona, Utah's Bryce and Zion, California's Lake Tahoe & The Sierras, and glorious trails in the Great Smokey Mountains and Maine. Recently we found a Napa Valley, Ca. vineyard bike trail was being established.

 From city, county, the states, and national parks, you will find great trails near you for hiking and biking.

State by State Trails

Adventure Cycling

National Parks System of Hiking Trails

American Hiking Society